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International  Ceramic and Music symposium in the Wasserburg Kapellendorf/ Thuringia  from 18th June until 8th July 2006 Fotos mp3, Video Impressionen Kontakt, Sponsoring, Links

Fotos - Symposium from the 18th June until 8th July 2006

Wherever it is good, that’s my home.
Home is, what everyone remembers form childhood but where no-one has ever been.
Ernst Bloch
Home is the place where one has to let oneself in when one comes back.
Robert Lee Frost
Home is not the place, rather the community of emotions.
Floor inscriptions in the Contempory Gallery in Hamburg
Your home is not where you recognise the trees but where the trees recognise you.
Sibirian saying
All beings are immortal because their real home is somewhere else.

Fotos - Fire night in the Wasserburg on the 28.6.06

Kamenko Culap, participating musiscian in a TV interview
„We have recent memories of the war and I think, that art particularly can help heal these emotions. Some of the war will always remain. Everyone who had to experience the war has very deep memories. But music can go deeper. “

Fotos - „Rien ne va plus“ - Concert and Presentation of the ceramic work of all the artists
in the Wasserburg on the 7.8.06

MDR TV, Thüringen Unterwegs „200 Jahre danach“
„This symposium is about home ..., the domestic culture each of us carries, domestic wounds,
the abuse of domestic emotions, today, as for 200 years.“

Fotos - Exhibition opening in the Kulturhof Krönbacken in Erfurt on the 8.8.06

Letter from the public:
„Dear Mr and Mrs Töppe-Zenker, Sir and Madam, I CANNOT BE GLAD ENOUGH ABOUT, … how much the idea of heimat has made a positive change. Only in the sense of a classic human misunderstanding and a “narrow mindedness” is the notion of homeland against one another. It is not about only the home of one or the home of the other being possible, and it isn’t about ABOLISHING ALL NATIONALITIES (as is sometimes initially understood). It is much more about the home of one and the home of the other doing well and being well understood next to each other, co-operatively – in their own way and in the broadest sense of life as they suggest….Thank you for everthing! yours sincerely Helmut Krüger, Potsdam“

Flyer - „HOME. The Moment of Meeting“
Poster - „HOME. The Moment of Meeting“

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