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International  Ceramic and Music symposium in the Wasserburg Kapellendorf/ Thuringia  from 18th June until 8th July 2006 Fotos mp3, Video Impressionen Kontakt, Sponsoring, Links

Melodies are particular to every folk and infer a cultural identity and inner „home“ – even when geographically distanced. Melodies can be misused for radical nationalism, yet in their entirety they are a universal language of mankind that knows no borders.

„Falk Zenker asked the invited musicians from Bosnia, Serbia and France, to bring a traditional melody to the symposium. Kamenko Kulap, Laurence Bourdin, Bogdan Rankovic and last but not least Falk Zenker himself proved how each had interpreted something different in the words “traditional material” be it a traditional instrument or melody. This was irrelevant as to whether the modus was jazz, improvisation or jam session. They have spent the last weeks playing to each other and improvising. The results of the harmonious collaborations were played in the concert earlier.“
Prof. Dr. Kai Uwe Schierz

Music - Live recording 7.8.06 in the Wasserburg Kapellendorf and 8.8.06 in the Andreaskirche Erfurt

1. Sochit – East Serbian folks song
2. Dunkle Wolk – German folks song and comp. F. Zenker
3. Les Croquants – Comp. L. Bourdin
4. Zaprosio Alia – Bosnian folk song
5. Marijo! – Serbian folks song
6. Jovka – Macedonian folk song
7. Biserka – Serbian folks song
8. La bourrée à Brezou - French folk song and comp. L. Bourdin
9. Estampie – Medieaval instrumental, 13th centuary. (Arr. F. Zenker)
10. L' Eau * - French folk song and comp. L. Bourdin
11. Djurdjevka * – Serbian folks song
* mit Finn Martin

CD including full concert recording on order here.
10,- € plus postage, please state address, pay by invoice.

Laurence Bourdin / Drehleier - France

Began 1988 to play Drehleier, mixed trad. french music with electro, pop and world music, 1996 „Viellistic Orchestra“, 1998 „Compagnie Montanaro“ (6 CDs) and first Group „Kashmir Acoustic Quartett“, Projects with modern dance (Cie H. Koubi) and Theater (l’ARFI, Lyon), 2005 first Solo-CD “Un Grain de Quartz”, Appearances at Festivals (i.e: Tokyo Summer Festival, Mediawave in Hungarian), in Guinea (with Sayon Camara) and Palastine (with Abdel Moneim Oudwan).

Bogdan Rankovic / Clarinet, Flute - Serbia

Born1967 in Cacak, Serbia, studied piano at the Arts Academy in Novi Sad, occupied with Folk and Jazz, since 1995 on the international stage (incl. Europe, Canada, Japan, Russia), CD-Productions (i.e. Maska-Ritual Nova ansambl, The Last Balkan Tango- Boris Kovac/ I LaDaAba orchest (Piranha), DRAUGHT-Mezei Silard-Internacional Ensemble (Leo Records), 2004 Autoren-Debüt with „Serboplov“ by B92 (6.Platz 2005 World music charts Europe).

Kamenko Culap / Percussion - Bosnia

Born 1973 in Gradacac/ Bosnia, lives since the war 1993 in Zagreb/ Croatia, began as Bassist in Rockbands, later moved over to traditional Balkan musicl as Percussionist (Darabuka), Taught by Sanjay Badhorya/ Indien and Miro Josipovic /Accordeon, Concerts and CDs with Shamrock Rovers (Irish folk) and Kries (moderneInterpretation trad. croatian Music), Filmmusic fot ?Konjanik? (Croatia, 2005, Best Film of the Year).

Falk Zenker / Guitar - Germany

Born 1967 in Mittweida/ Sachsen, Classic Guitar studies in the HS „Franz Liszt“ Weimar, Flamenco studies in Spain, Gregorian course, Guest hearer in Studio for Elektroaccoustic Music, Weimar, intern. Tour with Oscar Andrade, lives today as musician in Kapellendorf bei Weimar, to date author of 3 CDs (for Acoustic Music und Raumklang), Solo and Ensemble concerts (ensemble nu:n), Sound installations, TV and Theater music, cross-discipline arts projects.

Gast: Finn Martin / Saxophone, Flute, Vocals, Perc. - Sweden, Ireland

Born 1961 in Sweden Jazz studies in Switzerland, 20 years in Paris and tours world wide with, for example, african artists such as Salif Keita, Manu Dibango, Mory Kante and also The Bulgarian Voices and Marla Glen, currently lives and works mostly in germany: Improvisation concerts, Art caberet, Producer Studio and Film music, CDs, Abseil performances.

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